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Naturally Green Spirulina

Naturally Green Spirulina
Naturally Green Spirulina
Product Code : NGS 01
Product Description

How to intake Spirulina

  • 2 gms of Spirulina powder can be mixed with any cold drink like lemon juice or  butter milk of 200ml .
  • Spirulina can be mixed with any other food 
  • However Spirulina should not be mixed with hot food or drink  
Dosage and odour
  • An adult can consume 2 to 4 gms of Spirulina powder to start with. 2 gms in the morning and 2 gms in the evening.  
  • Children can consume 2 gms of Spirulina powder per day.
  • As Spirulina belongs to  algae family, the odour of the powder is not liked by all. However after regular intake, a person can become used to the odour. As the nutritional value of spirulina is many fold, it is worth getting used to the odour. 

Who Should consume Spirulina

  • Children with inadequate vegetable intake
  • Teenagers who require extra nutrition during their rapid growing years
  • Pregnant women who need balanced nutrition.
  • Elderly people who have limited dietary options yet require a wide spectrum of nutrients to maintain optimum health, since spirulina is easily digestible.
  • Athletes, or people who are active in any sport; Spirulina provides energy and improves stamina
  • People suffering from ailments, recuperating from diseases, needing proper nourishment for fast recovery (Please consult your doctor)
  • People who fail to eat a balanced meal due to their busy lifestyle; those who rely on fast food or processed foods
  • Vegetarians who must acquire protein from vegetables;

What is unique in Spirulina

  • Spirulina is 65% protein by weight
  • 95% digestible protein (digestible protein in beef is about 20%)

Spirulina forms 

Spirulina is predominantly available in the market in 3 forms  as Powder, capsule and Tablet. Powder form is the best recommended form  for intake as it consists of  100% Spirulina. Whereas Spirulina capsules are made of Gelatin packs and tablets are mixed with binders to retain shape.